Our Expertise

Honed From Serving Customers Over 4 Decades. Helping Them To Consistently Achieve High Payloads and Grow Their Business !


Designed and built over 3,000 standard and customized trailers. Most trailers are still roadworthy and in service.

Maintenance, Repairs and Retrofit

Our team brings extensive experience to bear when working on trailers of all makes. Fast turnaround times and genuine high quality Knight replacement parts make satisfied customers. Our forte is retrofits to meet evolving needs; facilitated by our significant design and tooling capabilities.


We innovate constantly to exceed industry standards. Our track record in solving complex transportation challenges using our Multi-axle Heavy Hauler configurations is unsurpassed. We strive to make trailers lighter to improve fuel efficiency, without sacrificing performance.


Our team of dedicated and experienced craftsmen take pride in their work by paying attention to detail and complying with stringent QA protocols. We are recognized for quality and lasting weldments on all our trailers.

We Provide Great Value and Strive for Customer Satisfaction

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